Here's just a sampling of the many ministries and classes that go on at Faith Apostolic Church on a weekly and monthly basis. Visit our calendar for scheduling details.

Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series (ACTS) a Christian alternative recovery program. The ACTS program assists individuals that are involved with the law, correctional institutions, addiction problems...(more)

Bible Quizzing a ministry to get our children and youth into the Word of God and His Word into them...(more)

Children's Ministries
Each family is it's own mission field in raising each child "in the way he should go" (Proverbs 22:6). At Faith Apostolic Church, we believe it essential that we aid families in doing just that. (more)

Home Bible Studies
...there is absolute truth and it can be found in the one book that has consistently proven itself to be absolutely true, the Bible...(more)

"You may as soon find a living man that does not breath, as a living Christian that does not pray." ... (more)

Unified Uth
...provides opportunities for young people 12-20 years old to grow spiritually and socially... (more)