FACT COVID 19 Protocols

COVID-19 Initial Reopening Plan

PHASE 1 – Opening for low-risk attendees – Starting June 14, 20

Based on Faith Apostolic Church of Troy’s current membership and building occupancy rate, the facility safely accommodates worship by providing proper spacing for social distancing recommendations and will reopen for worship Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Healthy, low-risk members and guests who feel comfortable with our published guidelines are welcome and encouraged to attend services onsite.

Anyone who is not yet comfortable being in a public setting, considered high-risk due to age or health concerns, is a caregiver for a high-risk or COVID-19 infected person, or who has symptoms of any illness, is requested to please continue to enjoy worship services online.

The following plan is in effect

Important Information:

  • Facility cleaning will occur between each service. A special cleaning schedule and team have been established to ensure the safest conditions possible.
  • Sanitizing stations are distributed throughout the building.
  • Service lengths are expected to be shortened.
  • There will be no greeting time.
  • No materials will be passed out.
  • No offerings will be collected during the service. A tithe and offering box will be available in the foyer and in the special seating area. Mail-in and online giving options are also available.
  • Bathrooms are available with social distancing and proper hygiene protocols posted. They will be sanitized at regular intervals.
  • The nursery is open for restricted self-use limited to diaper changing and nursing infants (cleaning supplies will be available, and procedures posted).


  • Households will sit together in groups spaced six feet apart. To ensure proper social distancing, some rows are obstructed and will remain unused.
  • Greeters, ushers, and other volunteers who serve in public spaces will be required to wear masks and have their temperature taken before serving.
  • Anyone desiring to attend service may be asked to submit to a random temperature check. If a person’s temperature exceeds CDC guidelines, he or she will be asked to enjoy the service online.
  • Everyone will be asked to follow the posted social distancing and hygiene guidelines.
  • Masks are recommended in common areas (except for children or those with breathing issues), but may be worn or not at member discretion in the pews.
  • All attendees will refrain from gathering toward the front for altar calls.
  • All attendees will refrain from gathering in the sanctuary or foyer.
  • After each service, all attendees will wait for formal dismissal by ushers to ensure everyone is able to leave the building safely and efficiently.
  • Anyone feeling ill is requested to please stay home and watch online.

Mid Week Service:

There will be no Mid Week Services

Sunday Service:

10:00 a.m. – Music practice (temperature check before practice).

10:00 a.m. — Ministry and volunteers should be onsite (except Pastor who will enter at the southern sanctuary entrance door).

     - Temperature check in foyer.

     - Prayer and prep.

General Procedure:

     - Park Car.

     - Enter building and find seat in sanctuary while practicing social distancing.

     - Enjoy service.

     - Exit per dismissal instructions.

High Risk Attendees:

We encourage all high-risk individuals to enjoy service from home. Special arrangements have been made for those who feel comfortable attending.

  • Designated parking is located on the north side of the building near the handicap parking. This area is attended by an usher who will allow entrance in a side door exclusively for use by higher-risk attendees.
  • Special seating is designated and labeled.
  • Lanyards indicating a need for greater attention to social distancing procedures are available for those who wish to have them.
  • The single-person, handicap-accessible restroom is specifically reserved for attendees in this category and will be cleaned between uses.
  • Enjoy service.
  • Exit per dismissal instructions.



What time should I arrive?

Doors will open 15 minutes prior to each service.


Where should I go when I arrive?

Proceed to the sanctuary and an usher will help you find a seat that will work for you and your household.


Can I use the restroom?

Yes, restrooms will be available. Please supervise your younger children and follow posted guidelines. Note the toddler restroom will be closed, and the single-person, handicap-accessible restroom is reserved for those in the higher risk section. We will monitor the number of people in the bathrooms and clean them at regular intervals.


Will there be anything for children to do during service?

Sunday school continues to be available through our YouTube channel. At this time, there will be no children’s classes during service. Households will be asked to sit together. For those with younger children, we encourage families to bring a non-disruptive, age-appropriate activity for their child(ren).


Will the nursery be open?

The nursery is open exclusively for diaper changing and nursing infants. Please restrict time and follow posted cleaning guidelines.


Will the water fountain be available?

No, the water fountains will not be operational. You may bring a small water bottle in the sanctuary. Do not bring coffee, beverages (other than water) or food into the sanctuary. Please make sure to take everything with you when you leave.


Will an offering be taken?

No offerings will be taken during the service. Tithes and offerings can be given online or in the boxes located in the foyer or in the high-risk seating area.


Can I hug my friend?

We request members and guests follow social distancing procedures while in the facility. A wave, smile, and air hugs are encouraged, but not physical contact.